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Company Background

Established in 1972, AACOA has long maintained an industry-wide reputation for quality anodizing products and services. The pre-emptive AACOA business philosophy has always centered on customer satisfaction. We have been successfully combining expert consultation, state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities with highly effective quality control procedures. In 1991, AACOA designed and built a new $7.5 million, 117,000 sq. ft. aluminum anodizing plant in Elkhart, Indiana. Our new plant was quickly recognized as the country's premier aluminum anodizing facility.

Now, consistent with long-term business plans and in response to expressed customer interest, AACOA has expanded operations to include aluminum extruding and fabricating. Our 120,000 square foot plant located in Niles, Michigan, is arguably the most technologically advanced aluminum extrusion and fabricating facility in the world. AACOA now operates two technically advanced aluminum extrusion presses. This plant commenced operations in the fall of 1998 and is capable of handling several million pounds of aluminum each month. As with the anodizing component of our operations, our extrusion and fabricating commitment is to customer satisfaction, and particularly difficult projects are welcome. In 2005, AACOA's extrusion plant was named Niles Business of the Year.

In preparing for a first-class aluminum extrusion and anodizing job, you should evaluate each eligible company's range of capabilities and the quality of the service with which it provides them. We're confident, when you compare our capabilities with the others, you'll find AACOA combines extraordinary capabilities with the best service available anywhere.

Expert Consultation. A quality finished product saves everyone's time and money. That's why we encourage your people to discuss your aluminum extrusion and anodizing project with our people prior to production. We’re always able to make suggestions for your consideration that will help your job run smoother and faster. Think of our people as satisfaction insurance. So why take a chance on mistakes? Contact AACOA!

The Bottom Line

When it comes right down to it, the quality of a company and its ability to produce a superior product is the result of having the right people working with the right technologies doing all the right things. For your next extrusion and/or anodizing project, contact AACOA first. You will then have a guideline against which you can judge all others.

An Environmental Friend

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Clean air and water are a major concern with all segments of society today. And it was a concern for the environment that guided our plans for building the AACOA facility in Elkhart, Indiana. The plant was carefully designed to reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impact. All piping and storage tanks, for example, are located above ground and inside the building to prevent spillage. Also serving to guard against accidental pollution are containment berms, an acid and solvent resistant floor coating and stainless steel tanks. Our waste water treatment plant features an electronically monitored system which assures the discharge of harmless, neutral rinse water into the municipal sewer system.

AACOA also installed a recycling unit to reclaim caustic soda and sulfuric acid. A by-product, aluminum trihydrate, is generated which is used by municipalities for water treatment. The 500,000 pounds we generate annually help make our company a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Our basic product -- anodized finishes -- has a fundamental environmental advantage compared to competitive finishes like paint and other organic finishes. We are, however, able to offer painted finishes, utilizing the finest quality available resources, when required by your specifications.

Environmentally concerned companies need to be aware of the long-term impact of their specified aluminum finishes. In every way, AACOA anodizing is an environmentally responsible finish selection.


Faztec LLC testimonial

"I wanted to send a brief note to congratulate the team at AACOA for a job well done... All three materials arrived in less than a week. We greatly appreciate the exceptional customer service... Great job by all!"

-Mark Morton, President, Faztek LLC (AACOA Extrusions customer)

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. testimonial

"I wanted to send you and everyone at AACOA a letter of appreciation on behalf of our company... It was imperative that our suppliers be responsive and flexible. AACOA has demonstrated both of these qualities at the highest level... The timeliness of production and the quality of the products helped our company deliver a top-of-the-line system."

-Michael R. Jaensson, Controller, Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. (AACOA Extrusions customer)