AACOA press line

Aluminum Extrusion

An amazing metal, aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, won't burn, is not magnetic, has a high inherent resistance to corrosion, and gets stronger as it gets colder. Of the common metals, on a weight basis, aluminum is the most efficient thermal conductor. High purity aluminum is soft and ductile. Its strength and hardness are acquired by the addition of alloying elements like silicon, magnesium, manganese and copper.

Representing about 20% of total aluminum consumption in the United States, aluminum extrusions respond readily to bending, stamping, cutting and punching. Extrusions are desirable because they are strong, resilient, heat and electrically conductive, nontoxic, reflective, nonsparking and nonmagnetic.

AACOA offers aluminum extrusions in a range of aluminum alloys , including 6063, 6060, 6005A, 6105, and 6061, ensuring the proper alloy for your extrusion.

Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Extruding Aluminum

Extruding aluminum has been compared to squeezing toothpaste from a tube where the paste takes the shape of the tube opening. It works like this: An aluminum billet, heated to approximately 900 degrees F, is placed in the extrusion press and forced under pressure through a steel die. The die determines the desired finished cross section. Our UBE press systems are able to produce complex configurations up to 10" in diameter from 8" billets. A major feature of our UBE presses are their pre-stressed tie rods which help to assure and maintain exacting extruded product tolerances. Our handling systems utilize Kevlar rollers, pads and belt conveyors to assure scratch-free, graphite-free extrusions. AACOA also has anneal capabilities for bending projects where hardness is critical. We also provide additional processing when necessary to meet exacting specifications.

Aluminum Extrusion Equipment at AACOA includes:

  • Two Automated 2500 Ton UBE Presses, up to 10" circle size
  • Pullers, Air and Water Quenching for excellent straightness
  • Kevlar Handling Equipment for superior surface finish

Additional Processing

AACOA fabrication

With many extrusion projects, the completed piece requires additional handling to meet customer specifications. We have precision cut-back saws capable of holding close length tolerances. AACOA also operates a state-of-the-art 20' profile machining center. This machine gives AACOA the ability to machine extrusions to exacting tolerances. Operations include milling, drilling, tapping and slotting. This is especially attractive on hollow extrusions where punching is not an option. This fully automated, multi-faceted machine will open up many new options to the extrusion user.

We're equipped to manufacture a wide variety of custom products to your specifications. The extrusion division of AACOA wants to provide aluminum extrusions that satisfy customer requirements. Our custom packaging department has the responsibility to assure that your extrusions arrive in perfect condition. Please contact AACOA at the beginning of your extrusion project and let us help you facilitate a flawless project launch. Our experienced staff awaits your call. We can also provide additional fabrication services for your extrusion project.