AACOA worker at CNC machining center

Aluminum Fabrication Services

AACOA Extrusions offers a full range of solutions that will meet or surpass your individual requirements. Our service starts with expertise in understanding your needs and extends to advanced quality systems that will assure your requirements are met. Our commitment to your success is something you will not find anywhere else in the aluminum industry.

Customer Focused - Value Driven

The AACOA Advantage

  • Top quality on-site integrated aluminum extrusion supplier
  • Metallurgical and mechanical engineering talent on staff
  • Production systems based on the Toyota Production System model to deliver value to the customer
  • Commitment to quality, cost and 100% on time delivery
  • Same level of commitment for high volume automotive parts as well as for low volume production parts
  • Partnering with strategic customers

Overview of Capabilities

  • CNC machining / programming / custom fixtures
  • Six seats of Pro-E 3D modeling software
  • Complete die / fixture building and maintenance capability
  • Cut to Length sawing
  • Miter Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Counter Sink
  • Tapping
  • Press Bending
  • Stretch Bending
  • Piercing
  • Milling
  • Assembly
  • MIG Welding
  • Vibratory deburring
  • Automated end/ brush deburring
  • Packaging
  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating
  • E – Coating
  • Stretch Forming
  • Semi continuous punching

Fabrication Capabilities


Straight cut - capable of 90 degree saw cuts

  • B&O 825 - capable of high production
  • Elumatec SA 73 - a single head automated aluminum cut off machine made for lower volume production

Miter Cut - capable of various miter cuts

  • Elumatec DG 142 – Double Head Miter saw capable of up to a 45 degree miter
  • Kaltenbach SKL 450E – Single head, vertical stroke miter saw with 180 degrees of swivel


Completely automated drilling machine capable of producing parts up to 144 inches in length. This machine has six independently programmable heads.

Several stand alone drill presses including "commander" double spindle heads. These machines can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of lengths.


Welding cell capable of fixturing and welding aluminum, employing a MIG welding process with a state of the art Lincoln Electric 355M MIG weld system.

Punching / Forming

AACOA also has expertise in the areas of press bending and punching. Several unique methods are used to control tolerances. Our presses are updated with controls capable of supporting I/O to operate error-proofing devices in the tool.

CNC Machining

AACOA's CNC machining cell is another example of how AACOA "goes the distance" to supply our customers with quality products and services. AACOA’s fabrication department utilizes high end tooling in all aspects of our machining processes. Automatic part positioning, custom made clamping, in-process error proofing, and diamond tooling enable AACOA to produce within tight tolerances with superior surface finish qualities.

Our CNC machining services enable AACOA to provide deep hole drilling as well as 5axis machining with complex geometry, superior surface finish, and a high degree of manufacturing flexibility not normally found in other manufacturing methods.

All of AACOA's CNC milling machines have automatic clamping and part positioning capabilities to ensure product quality. AACOA uses a non-operator dependent philosophy to ensure our customers receive consistently superior products. Through innovative thinking and commitment to excellence, AACOA is able to provide high quality machining services.

The machining services at AACOA produce a wide array of products. These products span from very tightly toleranced brake pedal components and seat belt posts to pontoon boat brackets and tools for siding contractors in the housing industry. Diversity, innovation, flexibility, and customer commitment ensure AACOA will exceed your expectations.