Custom Packing

We know that after your job has been completed, the project isn't complete until the product arrives at your doorstep. To make sure it gets to you the way we produced it often requires special packaging and handling. AACOA customers will tell you that our packing and shipping staff are second to none.

Often exercising an ingenuity that can't be taught, our packing and shipping staff are continually guarding your newly finished product. They understand that your best interests are in our best interest, too.

Custom Services

At AACOA, we are easy to do business with. If there is something you want AACOA to do, just ask -- assembly, fabrication, direct shipment or anything else that may make your project easier or more profitable.

Quality Management in Extrusion and Anodizing

Aluminum Quality An outstanding aluminum extrusion and anodizing job is the product of superior quality control, and nobody does it better than AACOA. The president of AACOA is also our most stringent quality inspector. Our in-house laboratories operate 24 hours a day monitoring production processes to ensure that your job is produced under optimum parameters.

Throughout, your job is constantly inspected and tested by specially-trained and qualified employees. Once again, AACOA's attention to even the smallest detail, like superior extrusion surface finish and tolerances, or anode attachment in the exact area specified, ultimately assures the excellence of your finished product. Our new extrusion facility utilizes technologies from the United States and overseas sources. Our anodizing facility also utilizes advanced European technologies in critical areas like power supplies. This enables us to achieve unparalleled color reproducibility from load to load.

AACOA Quality Policy

Customer focused, Value Driven!

Customer Focused

AACOA employees have an innate focus on the customer. Every employee that enters into an activity will have considered its corresponding effect on the customer.

Value Driven

By engaging in activities that "add value" to our products and services, AACOA will directly create value for our customers via price, service and/or quality. The overall value created will help give AACOA and its'' customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.